Entrepreneur & Trainer , also Web marketer

Engineer MBA

Certified Health & NLP Coach


Solvene Karen is the founder and co-owner of, and initiator of a movement system that ignites entrepreneurship and freedom,

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, business strategist, NLP trainer, learning scientist, author, motivational speaker, wellness activist and coach.

She is passionate into transmitting all this knowledge and experience so as to inspire her readers to develop and happy fulfilling & healthy lifestyle as well as a successful business and to inspire people to make positive change in their life and help others, while learning how to develop a successful business which contribute to a better world.

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  • Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist Board Director
  • Business Consultant & Coach
  • NLP Trainer (certified by ITA John Grinder)
  • Anthony Robbins Senior Leader
  • MBA from one of the 10 best Business Schools in the World
  • Masters degrees in Mathematics & Modeling Engineering, and  Research
  • Health Coaching degrees from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York & The Health Sciences Academy in London
  • Formally Mathematics Engineer and Investment BankerSpeaking 6 languages
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My Story

I am born in Normandy, France, and have travelled a lot since then.I have always been a bit of an over-achiever when it comes to learning, driving my career, and throughout university, I wasn’t uncomfortable juggling 2 masters in the same year and 3 different sport activities. I just loved the challenge, learning, and enjoying.I lived in various cities in Europe: Brussels, Paris, Nice, Milan, Madrid, London,.. for my studies first and then while progressing along a diverse career. I first started as an Engineer, then as an Investment Banker and later as a Business Strategy Consultant, and even Real Estate Investor.

I learnt a lot of various skills along with this diverse career, companies and roles, and enjoyed a great career progression, with also the pressure stress that goes along with it.At one point, it all changed. I still loved working and traveling to amazing places, and the long hours in highly competitive jobs did not faze me, but I realized I had lost sight of what I was working for, and this was not my real life purpose. I became aware that I wanted to make a better use of my life and skills on earth and had better dreams, that didn’t consist in following someone else’s dreams and working for someone else, but really become independant and use my creativity to design a worldwide project and making impact in people’s lives.I then decided to leave my corporate career for good, travelled a lot and learnt different skills in different areas and my mindset changed.I became an Entrepreneur, developing several businesses, I started a Venture Capital company, and also came across new opportunities that completely changed my life. I am now continuing my journey, living life with purpose and passion, with a healthier happier lifestyle, and helping many people as well.Life is truly, madly magical – if we decide to make it so, even if we may experience challenges at times, we learn and become stronger.Helping other people change their life, learning and impacting people’s lives positively has been so rewarding.Isn’t that really what it’s all about.My objective now is help people realise their true potential, inspire towards a healthy lifestyle and better quality of life.

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