I was walking home today after a nice day at the beach, and reflecting on my new life. I reminisced on the person I was a few years ago as a student or City banker and the person I am now.

I am more happy, peaceful, more understanding, more patient, all these good things yet it don’t feel it’s enough when I interact with society. 

And you? What changes have you made? Have you stayed the same? Can you relate?

Im my previous life, the importance in values had been diminished through the distractions of pleasing others & fitting in to get a sense of belonging, particularly in the context of my career…

I now surround myself with people who think the same, who wanna grow, have this positivity and curiosity in life that make them become outstanding persons… That’s why I’d like to remind & encourage you to make an effort to choose who you surround yourself with wisely. Do they empower or encourage you to be better? Do they have interests in the kind of things you like? 

Where and who we focus on becomes a reality. The law if attraction will attract certain people based on your focus.

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