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New month, new goals

Nobody gets more excited by a new year than me.

Have you ever written New Years resolutions, and had them last longer than a few months?

They’re unlikely, right?

I used to do this. Every year I would write a great big list (I’m one of those girls who LOVE writing lists) of what was going to make this year great. Better. The best.

The intention was almost there… But I came to realise that will the intent came action NOW.

That’s why I love welcoming a new month, a new year – new challenges, new goals.

I set out some personal goals and professional ones for me and my team .

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

My top tips for goal setting are simple:

  • WRITE DOWN your goals – write down and read back everything it means to achieve that goal. Visualise it. Make it real. Add the emotion.
  • Create your ACTION plan – work backwards from your goal and write down everything you need to do to make achieving that goal possible. These are how bite size goals.
  • START NOW – to create momentum, you must first create energy. Start this today! You will ever regret it. Take the first action NOW.
  • REWARD YOURSELF – and make it something worth working hard for.*

*On that note, I’m off for holidays and training for two weeks. Instead of waiting for the sunshine, we are off to find it. That’s real action taking

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